Company UpdatesFeb 15, 2019

2019 Annual Company Meeting

“Every year we gather to celebrate our accomplishments and recognize phenomenal individual achievement and growth…”


Braving snow and freezing temperatures, 350 employees from sales, service and support gathered together to celebrate personal triumphs, career promotions, and the series of small victories that build to create transformative change that make our products possible and help our customers grow. AMP is a company that began as a small regional yellow page publisher and after 21 years is still EVOLVING. In 2018 we posted a 45% sales increase in our core digital OPTIMA product, our highest ever digital renewal rates, created thousands of virtual tours viewed hundreds of millions of times, and drove operational and sales force efficiency through our tablet based CRM.

As a company we were brought together by our EVOLUTION.  Evolution is not revolution: in many ways we are doing what we have always done: connecting with small businesses, understanding their marketing challenges, and bringing them affordable solutions. We continue those core practices through friendships, laughter, fun and family that comes from working hard together to build something great in the world.

Our EVOLUTION is driven by a cultural commitment to working very hard, living our very best possible lives, and driving very serious success in our 2019 work.

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American Marketing & Publishing